Fund Details

Name of the scheme
Edelweiss Bond Fund
Scheme type
An open-ended income scheme
Allotment date
Retail Plan27-Jun-08
Institutional Plan27-Jun-08
Direct Plan04-Jan-13
Entry loadNot Applicable
Exit LoadNil
For all Plan:
Minimum Investment Amount
Rs 5,000 per application and in multiples of Re 1/- therea􀅌er.
Additional investment amount
Rs. 1/- per application and in multiples of Re. 1/- therea􀅌er.
Fund managers
Fund Manager:Mr. Dhawal Dalal
Experience: 20 years
Assistant Fund Manager:Mr. Swayam Mangwani
Experience: 6.5 years
Managing the scheme(since)
Mr. Dhawal Dalal28-Nov-16
Mr. Swayam Mangwani28-Nov-16
Quantitative indicators as on March 31, 2017
Yield to maturity (YTM)# 7.29%
Modified Duration 2.76 years
Average Maturity 3.94 years
#Gross yield
Total Expense Ratios~:
Institutional Plan0.90%
Regular Plan1.75%
Direct Plan0.87%
~Does not include Service Tax on Investment Management fees.
CRISIL Composite Bond Fund Index
NAV (as at 31st March 2017, in Rs.)
Direct Plan Dividend Option 16.8667
Direct Plan Growth Option 18.0983
*Institutional Dividend Option 14.7832
*Institutional Growth Option 14.8090
Retail Dividend Option 16.3643
Retail Growth Option 17.3979
*Closed for further subscriptions.
AUM as on 31st March 2017
Rs. 459.55 Crore
Average AUM as on March 2017
Rs. 350.70 Crore

     Investment Objective

To generate optimal returns while maintaining liquidity through active management of the portfolio by investing in debt and money market instruments. However, there can be no assurance that the investment objective of the Scheme will be realised.

      Rating Profile

     Top 20 Equity Holdings as on Mar 31,2017

Name of Instrument Industry % to NAV
CBLO 22.40
7.61% GOVT OF INDIA RED 09-05-2030 SOV 6.76
9.80% ECL FINANCE LTD NCD RED 31-12-2020 CARE AA 6.64
9.90% HDFC LTD NCD RED 10-06-2021 CRISIL AAA 5.85
9.02% RURAL ELEC CORP NCD RED 19-11-2019 CRISIL AAA 5.67
8.32% TATA SONS LTD NCD RED 21-05-2023 CRISIL AAA 5.46
8.7% EDELWEISS COMM 15-04-2020 C/P140818 CRISIL AA 5.44
ICICI BANK LTD CD RED 15-06-2017 CRISIL A1+ 5.37
8.80% EXIM BANK NCD RED 15-03-2023 CRISIL AAA 4.62
8.20% POWER GRID CORP NCD RED 23-01-2025 CRISIL AAA 3.38
9.14% GAIL INDIA NCD RED 110619 C-120617 CARE AAA 1.36
9.14% GAIL INDIA NCD RED 110620 C-120617 CARE AAA 1.36
9.35% POWER GRID CORP NCD RED 29-08-2024 CRISIL AAA 1.19
9.25% POWER GRID CORP NCD RED 26-12-2024 CRISIL AAA 1.19
9.30% POWER GRID CORP NCD RED 28-06-2024 CRISIL AAA 1.19
8.80% POWER FIN CORP NCD RED 15-01-2025 CRISIL AAA 1.16
9.54% TATA SONS LTD NCD RED 25-04-2022 CRISIL AAA 1.15

     Dividend history

Record dateRate (Re/unit)Record date dividend NAV
Retail Plan Dividend Option
21-Jan-09 0.3723 10.5287
7-Oct-08 0.175210.0513
Institutional Plan Dividend Option
21-Jan-09 0.2628 10.5779
7-Oct-08 0.175210.0747

After payment of dividend, the NAV will fall to the extent of dividend payout and statutory levy (if applicable).Past performance may or may not be sustained in future. Dividend is declared on the face value of Rs. 10/- per unit.

     Asset allocation (% of total)

     Maturity profile

     Fund Performance as on Mar 31,2017

Past performance may or may not be sustained in future and should not be used as a basis for comparison with other investments. * CAGR Return.

     Product Label

Note: 1. Different plans shall have different expense structure. The performance details provided herein are of Retail Plan, Institutional Plan and Direct Plan of Edelweiss Bond Fund. Returns are for Growth Option only. Since Inception returns are calculated on Rs. 10/- invested at inception of the scheme.
2. The scheme is currently managed by Dhawal Dalal (managing this fund from November 28, 2016) and Mr. Swayam Mangwani (Managing this fund from November 28, 2016). Please refer page no. 30 & 31 for name of the other schemes currently managed by the Fund Managers.
3. # Based on standard investment of Rs 10,000 made in the beginning of the respective period.
4. $ Standard Benchmark prescribed by SEBI vide circular August 22, 2011.
5. In case the start/end date is non business day, the NAV of previous day is used for computation.
6. For the performance of other Schemes managed by the Fund Managers, please refer to the relevant scheme.