Instant Redemption FAQs

What is Instant Redemption?

What type of investors are eligible for Instant Redemption?

Which schemes are valid for Instant Redemption?

How much can an investor redeem in a day?

How to access Instant Redemption facility?

Can a distributor use Instant Redemption facility on behalf of an investor?

What to do if an Investor does not receive the redeemed amount?

In a day, can an investor place more than one Instant Redemption request?

Investor has investments in demat format, can they use Instant Redemption facility?

Can an Investor redeem at any time of the day?

Will the investor be notified once Instant Redemption is successful?

Which bank accounts are valid for Instant Redemption?

At what NAV will the investor receive redemption?

Can an investor place a request to redeem certain units of the scheme instantly?

How to access the Statement of Account (SoA)?

Can an NRI use Instant Redemption facility?

Is there any minimum amount for Instant Redemption?

How can an investor change the bank account in which they want the funds to be credited?

What if the units were deducted, but funds were not credited to investor’s bank account?

If an Investor withdraws using Instant Redemption, can they request for normal redemption on same day?