Who is a Non Resident Indian (NRI)?

Who is a Foreign Institutional Investor (FII)?

What is the difference between an NRE account, NRO account and FCNR account used by NRIs?

What are the permissible debits/credits to the NRE/FCNR Accounts?

Can I repatriate funds in the NRI Account?

Can I invest in Mutual Funds (MFs)? Do I require special permission from the RBI to make the investment?

Is there any specific procedure to make an investment on repatriable basis?

Are any taxes applicable on income generated from Mutual Funds?

What is the tax treatment for equity oriented schemes?

What about the special threshold rates for women and senior citizens?

What are the provisions for Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)?

Are the special provisions for NRIs u/s 115C to 115I applicable for taxation?

What methods I can use to save tax on income from Mutual Funds?

Can I invest in foreign currency?

How do I redeem my investment?

Can I invest through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

How will I be updated on the performance of the schemes?

Can I repatriate my earnings on redeeming from mutual fund schemes?

How will the redemption proceeds be paid?


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