True-To-Label simplified for You

You get
what you see

Have you ever been disappointed when the meal you ordered at a restaurant...

You get what is
communicated to you

Mahatama Gandhi’s three wise monkeys represent the principle, "see no evil,...

The fund invests
where it claims to

Suresh is a 30-year old investor with a high income and relatively few...

Maintaining the committed
asset allocation

The primary steps of any investment journey begins with figuring out your...

Being transparent about
asset allocation

It is imperative that a scheme discloses its asset allocation pattern regularly...

Keeping communication

Have you ever been in a conversation where whatever you said made perfect...

What you see is
what you must get

All mutual fund schemes have a scheme information document which clearly...

What does the World say about true-to-label

De-jargoned: True to label funds

Like Dairy Milk or KitKat, funds too must be true to label

True to label : See what you buy, and buy what you see

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Ask for True To Label schemes. Consult your Financial Advisor for details.

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