Win over
market volatility
with Balanced Advantage Funds

Don’t be afraid of market volatility any more

In a game of Kabaddi, when a raider enters the opposing team’s arena, he/she is unsure how they will tackle him/her. He/she devises a strategy to either attack by moving forward or defend himself/herself by moving backward, depending on the way the opposing team reacts. Using this strategy in a disciplined way, a good raider scores points and wins the game for his/her team.

Similarly, Balanced Advantage Funds, like a good raider, devise a strategy to attack and generate returns when markets are moving up; and defend by limiting downside when markets are moving down. Using this strategy in a disciplined way, they aim to win over market volatility in the long run.

Balanced Advantage Funds (BAFs)

They are process-driven funds that shift between equity and debt, depending on market conditions and aim to provide equity like returns, but with lower uncertainty.

How do they help you?

  • Take away the need to time the markets
  • Automatically change equity allocation to adapt with changing market conditions
  • Aim to grow your money in bull markets and protect it during bear markets
  • Help overcome emotional bias while dealing with equity markets and their uncertainty

If these are your problems and expectations, BAFs are for you

  • You’re a beginner and not sure about when to invest in equities

  • You expect equity like returns in the long run, but with lower uncertainty

  • You want to remain at an advantage, irrespective of rising or falling equity markets

  • You don’t want to get emotionally drained due to market volatility

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